Saturday, November 24, 2012

Do I Really Need to Backup my Mac?

This question generally comes into the mind of every Mac users. Do I really need to backup?? Yes guys, its the most important part that we usually avoid. If you won't take backup, one day you will surely face the worst possible situation that will be impossible to avoid.  Backup ensures you that your data is safe even if your Mac gets corrupt, hard drive failure, you accidentally delete some data, power failure, or any other severe problem.

Why Apple is providing a free utility “Time Machine”. It saves users from critical conditions of data loss. I found Time Machine the best feature provided by Apple, and the easiest way to take backup. Then why not to take advantage of free utility provided by Apple.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Mac OS X Directory Corruption: The Main Culprit for Data Loss

There are a plethora of things that can corrupt data on your hard drive, such as power outages, disgraceful shutdowns, hardware problems, bad programming, and more. When such events take place on a Mac, you are left with a corrupt hard drive directory that has serious implications for your system. A corrupt directory can potentially damage your files by overwriting them with new data. It can cause some of your files to go missing or being moved to a different location on the drive.

Every item on the OS X drive is represented by catalog records. These records are organized in a B-Tree structure called catalog B-Tree. The information in the directory is built by scanning and searching the catalog B-Tree. If this B-Tree structure gets damaged or the catalog records become corrupt, you will be unable to locate and access files stored on your hard drive.